Games by Aleksi Sirviö
with music by Valtteri Hanhijoki
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A horrible corruption has forced the children of the forest into hiding. They confide in the Treehouse Man, but their prayers remain unanswered. Baptized into the group, you must take the hallowed boat on an odyssey to save your brothers and sisters before the silence kills them.
* Unique gameplay: A seamless combination of real-time and turn-based combat, requiring equal amounts of execution and strategy to overcome
* Customization: Configure the hallowed boat to your liking with different weapons, upgrades and travel companions
* Strange world: Explore the winding rivers of the corrupt forest, meeting all of its quirky inhabitants, friends and foes alike
* Story of faith: Learn the history of the children and unveil the forgotten truth behind the myth of the Treehouse Man
* Dreamlike atmosphere: Beautiful monochromatic pixel art with the audio to match